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Running this website is kind of like talking to myself...

Fact: Maintaining a website is really hard. Seriously, this is not all fun and games. Making a website is a lot like having a baby. The conception is really fun, but once the baby's all finished can you throw it in the trash and move on? No, you have to raise the damned thing. So to must I maintain this website. But I really don't want to. Luckily, while my state has child neglect laws, it doesn't have website neglect laws. So fuck you.

Fact: Nobody ever reads this website. I may get one or two visits a year from stoners looking for things about pot. That's it. When an interested person does manage to find this site, they look at it once and decide it sucks and move on to bigger and better things. Let's say, for the sake of argument, I get one visitor who on some crack-inspired binge bookmarks my page. So they check back a week later and are disappointed to find the same content. Why? Because I never update. Why? Because nobody ever visits my page. So you see it's kind of a catch-22.

Fact: Net earnings from The Melting Pot so far: $0.00. As much as I hate to support the central tenets of capitalism, it seems that without that wonderful monetary incentive I have little reason to care about this site. It used to be about self-expression, but that was shot down by the fact that nobody ever sees it. So basically until this bitch really starts to turn a profit, I have no reason to go to all the trouble of producing new content. And it is a lot of trouble. Every time I add a new page I have to update that navbar on the right side of every single page. The more pages I make, the longer it takes. Except reviews. Those are easy to update. But they suck.

Result: User clicks "back" button.

Go to the store and support my saving habit. Okay that's lame but I think people like the mug there.

That is all.